2019 Divorce eNewsletter

Divorce MagazineAs a service to our clients, Divorce Magazine and our firm are pleased to provide you with this monthly e-newsletter and hope that the information and articles contained within are helpful and supportive.

December 2019

  1. 4 Ways in Which Money Plays a Role in Failed Marriages
  2. Social Media & Divorce: an “Infidelity-Generating” Machine
  3. The Holidays Can be a Painful Reminder of the Things You’ve Lost
  4. How to Handle Cybersecurity Concerns During a Divorce
  5. Assessing Your Ability to Co-Parent after Divorce

November 2019

  1. Vital Takeaways from Jeff Bezos’s High-Net-Worth Divorce
  2. Four Considerations When Retaining a Family Law Attorney
  3. 7 Crafts to Help Kids Through Thanksgiving After Divorce
  4. The One Universal Financial Truth in all Divorces
  5. How to Start Dating Again After Divorce

October 2019

  1. 6 Financial Tips for Navigating Divorce Asset Negotiations
  2. Divorce, Marriage, and Cohabitation Agreements: New Considerations for Millennials
  3. He Went Out for a Coke and Never Came Back: How I Survived an Unwanted Divorce
  4. Tips For Staying Focused At Work When You’re Going Through A Divorce
  5. 4 Tips for Co-Parenting Effectively after Divorce

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